Mountain Legend Weasel Coffee

Mountain’s Legend, special mix of Weasel Coffee and Specialty Coffee

We figure out that when mixing Weasel Coffee and Specialty Coffee, the brewery becomes so flavorful: light bitterness, rich aroma and sweet after taste. It stands out from ordinary coffee so that you will remember it from the first try.

Being stored in PET tube, the coffee is 100% safe and flavorful for long time. Smart designed, the tube is comfortable enough for you to bring  along during journey.

10% Mocha Weasel Coffee and 90% Mocha Coffee

Cau Dat’s Arabica coffee beans are well-known for strong aroma and pure sourness. Weasel Mocha coffee has a slight chocolate flavor, smooth and full body. The mixed of 10% Weasel coffee and 90% Arabica coffee gives a medium body, light sourness, rich in chocolate flavor and sweet aftertaste.

10% Robusta Weasel Coffee and 90% Robusta Coffee

Robusta Chon Coffee is made from Buon Me Thuot ‘s coffee bean, which is well-known for its strong body and flavor. Robusta Chon Coffee still keeps these special characters: strong body, smooth and rich after taste and end with a little sweetness.Different from ordinary Robusta coffee, Robusta Chon Coffee has fruity tartness, which is signature of Arabica coffee. The aroma of Robusta Chon Coffee is much more enriched than normal coffee, a nice chocolate flavor, sweet and light..